What base is a mogul base?

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In the dynamic world of lighting, terminology can sometimes be both confusing and intriguing. One term that often raises eyebrows, especially among the uninitiated, is the “mogul base.” What is it, and how does it differ from other bases we frequently encounter?

A mogul base, technically referred to as the E39 base, is a larger screw-in base used predominantly for commercial and industrial lighting applications. With its unique size and features, it stands out from other bases like the medium or candelabra bases.

As we delve deeper into the nitty-gritty of the mogul base, let’s unpack its nuances, applications, and importance. With our experience at James Lighting, we’ve seen firsthand the significant role the mogul base plays in the lighting industry.

E39 E40 Mogul Edison Screw Ceramic Lamp Holder Socket With Mounting Bracket Dimensions

Why the name ‘mogul’?

The term ‘mogul’ might bring forth images of grandeur or size, and in the context of lamp bases, it does denote a larger dimension. But how did it come to acquire this name?

Historically, the name has no direct relation to its function. Over time, the term ‘mogul’ became synonymous with its larger size, reflecting its more massive presence compared to standard or medium bases. At James Lighting, when we receive inquiries about “large bases,” we often find clients are referring to the mogul base.

What distinguishes the mogul base in terms of size?

When we talk about the mogul base or E39, it’s essential to note its diameter, which stands at 39mm. This size, significantly larger than the common E26 (or medium base), makes it ideal for specific lighting fixtures.

E39 4KV porcelain light socket ceramic lamp holder UL

Such a distinction in size ensures that bulbs meant for more extensive fixtures don’t end up in smaller, domestic settings where they’d be inappropriate. At James Lighting, precision in manufacturing these bases is crucial to ensure seamless compatibility.

Where are mogul bases typically used?

Given their size, mogul bases are often chosen for larger lighting applications. Think of areas that require high-intensity illumination – warehouses, large commercial spaces, and streetlights.

Our clientele at James Lighting frequently opts for fixtures with mogul bases for such applications. Their preference underscores the importance of these bases in providing robust lighting solutions for expansive spaces.

What kind of bulbs use the mogul base?

Typically, the bulbs that come with mogul bases are high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs. These include metal halide, high-pressure sodium, and mercury vapor lamps.

E39 F547-8 porcelain lamp holder

Such bulbs are known for their efficiency and long lifespan, making them perfect for the commercial and industrial sectors. At James Lighting, we ensure that our mogul base lamp holders are tailored to accommodate these powerful light sources.

Can I adapt a mogul base to fit other fixtures?

Given the specialized nature of mogul bases, what happens if one wishes to use them in fixtures not meant for them? The good news is that adapters exist to bridge this gap.

However, while such adapters offer flexibility, they come with a caveat. It’s essential to ensure the combined bulb and adapter’s size doesn’t interfere with the fixture’s design. At James Lighting, we always emphasize the importance of safety and appropriate fit when considering such adaptations.

Why not use a medium or smaller base instead?

While the mogul base is excellent for its intended applications, it might be overkill for domestic settings. Its design aligns with the needs of commercial spaces requiring intensive illumination.

E39 F547A-7 porcelain lamp holder

Moreover, from a manufacturing perspective, using a larger base like the mogul in domestic settings might lead to inefficiencies in energy consumption and cost. We, at James Lighting, always advise clients to choose the right base for the right application.

What are the challenges with mogul bases?

Like any product, the mogul base has its challenges. Due to their specialized nature, they might not be as readily available as medium or candelabra bases. Moreover, they can be more expensive.

However, with challenges come solutions. As a dedicated manufacturer, we ensure the availability and affordability of our mogul base products, ensuring our clients get value for their money.


The E39 mogul base, with its unique size and applications, is an integral part of the lighting industry. By understanding its nuances, we can better appreciate its role in illuminating our commercial and industrial spaces. At James Lighting, our commitment lies in illuminating your world, no matter how big or small, with precision and dedication.

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