Sensor E27 light bulb socket adapter

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What is a Sensor socket adapter

A sensor socket adapter is a device that allows you to convert a standard lamp holder into a motion-sensing or dusk-to-dawn sensor light. The adapter fits into a standard light socket and has a built-in sensor that detects motion or changes in ambient light levels.

When the sensor detects movement or a change in light, it triggers the light to turn on. This makes sensor socket adapters a convenient and energy-efficient way to add motion-activated lighting to your home or outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Light Socket Adapter E27 Infrared PIR Motion Sensor lampholders

Sensor socket adapters are available in a variety of configurations, including screw-in adapters and plug-in adapters. Some adapters also allow you to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor or set the duration of the light to stay on after being triggered.

Sensor socket adapters are commonly used in outdoor lighting applications, such as porch lights, garage lights, and security lights. They are also used indoors in areas such as basements, closets, and laundry rooms to provide convenient lighting when you enter or exit the space.

Sensor E27 light bulb socket adapter

Working voltage: AC 110V OR 220V, 50/60Hz
Max load: 60W (incandescent lamp) / 20W (energy saving lamp)
Sensor spread: 360 degrees
Sensor Type: IR Infared
Suitable installation height: 2.8-3.5m
Detection range: around 5m
Timer Screw: Adjustable lighting time from 20s to 120s
Light Screw : Adjust ambient brightness, adjust how dark the room needs to be before the sensor turns on.
Sensor Screw: Adjust the sensitivity of the sensor to tune how easily the light is triggered on.

Sensor E27 light bulb socket adapter

The Sensor E27 light bulb socket adapter easily converts any screw bulb socket into a fully operational sensor light simply and without the need of an electrician or custom installation, combine it with some energy saving lights and you have one optimized lighting solution.

With a sound sensor, When the decibel value detected sound to the outside is greater than the set value, it will make the circuit is turned on, the lights after a period of time, the circuit is disconnected, the Sensor E27 light bulb socket adapter turn off.

Light bulb sockets are the heart of Lighting Industries, without this lighting is not possible in this modern world and James Lighting is playing an important part in this field from last twenty years.

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