Is EX39 base the same as mogul base?

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Lighting, for most, seems straightforward until you dive into the intricate details. From wattages to lumens, and then there are bases – an integral yet often overlooked aspect of lighting design. Two terms often surface when discussing larger commercial light fittings: EX39 and mogul bases. What are they, and are they the same?

The EX39 and mogul base often refer to the same type of base, predominantly used for high-wattage bulbs. They’re staples in commercial and industrial environments, providing the necessary illumination for spaces that demand high-intensity lighting.

When I first joined James Lighting, one of the leading manufacturers of lamp holders, understanding these nuanced differences was a learning curve, but it enhanced my grasp of our products and their applications significantly.


What does the “EX” in EX39 stand for?

Delving into the specifics, the “EX” in EX39 denotes “Exclusionary.”

This implies that while the EX39 base bears similarity in size to the E39 or mogul base, it’s exclusionary to specific types of fixtures or bulbs, especially those with protected arc tubes. The EX39 has been designed to ensure that certain bulbs are only used in appropriate fixtures, minimizing potential hazards.


Why are these bases popular in industrial settings?

Their robustness is a standout quality.

EX39 and mogul bases are built for high wattage bulbs, typically metal halide, high-pressure sodium, or more recently, LED retrofits. Such bulbs, when used in commercial or industrial settings, demand a secure and stable base, something both EX39 and mogul bases provide with aplomb.

How does James Lighting cater to these specific bases?

Quality and safety are paramount for us at James Lighting.

Having been a part of the James Lighting family, I’ve witnessed our commitment to ensuring that our EX39 and mogul bases meet the highest industry standards. Precision in design, use of premium materials, and rigorous testing ensure our products provide a perfect fit and top-tier safety for high-wattage applications.

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Are there noticeable differences between EX39 and mogul bases?

In terms of dimensions, not really.

Both EX39 and mogul bases have a similar diameter – 39mm. Their primary distinction lies in their intended applications. The EX39’s design ensures it’s used only with specific fixtures, while the generic mogul base, also known as E39, lacks this specificity.

Can one use EX39 bulbs in mogul sockets and vice versa?

Now, this is a question that often surfaces in our industry.

In most cases, EX39 bulbs can fit into mogul (E39) sockets. However, using E39 bulbs in fixtures designed for EX39 might not be advisable due to the exclusionary nature of the latter. Always refer to fixture specifications and adhere to safety guidelines.

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How does the base affect a bulb’s performance?

It’s not just about fitting; it’s about optimal performance.

While the base might seem like a mere support structure, it plays a crucial role in ensuring a bulb’s peak performance. A well-designed base, like the EX39 or mogul from James Lighting, ensures optimal electrical contact and heat dissipation, thereby enhancing bulb longevity and efficiency.

How do these bases fit into the future of lighting?

With the rapid evolution of lighting technologies, one might wonder about the relevance of these bases.

Both EX39 and mogul bases have begun accommodating LED retrofit bulbs, ensuring they remain pertinent in a world shifting towards energy-efficient lighting solutions. Their ability to adapt signifies their lasting role in the ever-evolving landscape of illumination.

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While EX39 and mogul bases bear similarities, understanding their nuances can significantly impact lighting choices, especially in commercial and industrial setups. At James Lighting, our dedication lies in ensuring you’re equipped with the best, merging tradition with modernity, one bulb at a time.

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